Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Have you noticed how ideas and thoughts just kinda *pop* into our minds? Where do our thoughts come from? What’s going on here?

Well the typical way of thinking about our minds is as if it is its own independent thinking entity, doing its thinking thing. Basically it’s the idea of being a separate being who has the ability to operate while disconnected from everything else.

Now, instead of thinking of ourselves as separate independent thinkers, let’s change our perspective for a moment. Let’s imagine that there’s an infinite pool of thoughts that everyone in the universe can tap into. Every thought, idea, and concept is part of this single collective energetic thought bubble that we all have access to.

From this perspective, you and I are not exactly thinkers who come up our very own thoughts. More accurately we would be like vibrational tuners. We’re like radios that have the ability to vibrationally attune ourselves to different frequencies of thought. Whatever station you tune your energy radio towards determines what thoughts are received.


You have the ability to say “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello” in your head, but what you’re really doing is tuning yourself to whatever radio station is playing those words and you’re sitting back as those thoughts pass through you. You are not your thoughts. Thoughts pass through you, this empty spaciousness of awareness that is eternally here.

Let’s examine a number of different examples that demonstrate the interconnectedness and non-separateness of thought.

Finishing Each Others’ Sentences

When two people are in love, often they have the ability to complete each others’ thoughts. We may say they’re on the same wavelength, they vibe together, they resonate well with one another, they have chemistry… all basically ways of saying that they’re tuned to the same energy of love and have access to the same subset of thoughts within this infinite pool of thoughts and thus it seems like they’re completing each others’ sentences whereas in reality it’d be more accurate to say they’re simply harmonizing together in frequency, having the same thought radio station passing through their consciousness simultaneously. It’s like they’re both channeling from the same frequency.


Have you noticed how psychics can “read” people’s energies simply by knowing their name or seeing their picture? All they’re basically doing is tuning their personal frequencies to match those of someone else and thus it seems like they suddenly have the ability to know what the other person is thinking or feeling. Again, they’re just tuning themselves to whatever frequency someone else is at and ta-da! they can “read people’s minds” or whatever.

Thoughts Are Public Knowledge

Sensitive empathy know this first hand. Many people think their thoughts, feelings, and emotions are theirs and theirs alone, and that their thoughts are private. “No one can hear my thoughts but me!” In reality, all of our energies actually transmit across the entire universe. That is, they basically leak out and anyone can pick up on them. Our thoughts are far less private than we think. With our thoughts we can pollute the collective consciousness or we can enhance it.

Picking Up Others People’s Thoughts

How many times have people felt down or depressed, thinking that there’s something wrong with them, when in reality they’ve simply picked up someone else’s energy? They’re not doing anything wrong per se. They’re simply being weighed down by carrying someone else’s emotional baggage. There’s nothing the person needs to fix or improve in themselves. They just need to quit carrying other people’s stuff! Again, we can pick up on the thought energy of others.


My telepathic abilities have been waking up the past few weeks. It’s amazing how natural and effortless this is. It’s a much more efficient form of communication. Telepathically, it seems like thoughts are communicated wordlessly. It’s more of a feeling, a transmission of knowingness. For those of you familiar with Bashar, he actually uses the word telempathy rather than telepathy. We’re not telepathic. We’re telempathic. What does this mean? Well, empathy has to do with emotion. You know, energy in motion. Telempathy is basically nothing more than waking up a deeper communicative ability, much like your intuition, that works on a vibrational level that is higher than conventional intellectual thought, at least the way I perceive it so far. It seems to be more pure. If you have experience here, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave a message in the comments area or just let me know telepathically.


Are you familiar with the idea of channeling? Esther Hicks channels Abraham. Darryl Anka channels Bashar. Jane Roberts channels Seth. The way channeling works, mechanically, is that you have two different beings/energies who vibrate at two different frequencies. The being at a lower frequency learns to go into a meditative state and raise their vibration. The being at a higher frequency deliberately steps down their frequency. The two meet somewhere in the middle, creating a third vibratory reality where the two beings essentially lock together. It’s like when you have two equally tuned tuning forks side by side. Ding one and the other one will start to vibrate as well. When this connection is made, there’s a telepathic link that’s created and the thoughts from one being bridges to that of another, like the tuning forks. Thoughts are translated back and forth in a universal vibrational way so that it doesn’t matter if the being on one side speaks the same language as the being on the other… the channel acts as a translator to translate the information into the language in which they were trained. So channeling, too, is yet another way to take advantage of the fact that thoughts are just vibrational signals that different beings can align with.

Creative Insights

Have you noticed how creative ideas can just pop into mind when your mind is quiet? Say you’re in the shower or sitting on the toilet or driving your car.. you’re not actively thinking about your project then and in that gap, when your awareness isn’t overwhelmed by the distracting energy of the intellectual mind, *pop!* an idea that lives on a different frequency shows up. It’s not that you *created* that new thought, but that you relaxed yourself enough to be open to receiving thoughts on a different frequency, thoughts that can enter only through the doorway of surrender.

Where Is the Thinker?

In the Advaita tradition, Self-inquiry is a popular “technique” for Self-realization. It’s basically Ramana Maharshi’s suggested strategy of repeatedly asking yourself “Who am I?” Thoughts arise, sure, but to whom? Whose thoughts are these? Who is the thinker? When we get past the notion that “I am my thoughts,” seeing that thoughts can come and go and even cease altogether in meditation, and yet you remain, the next level of identity to peel away may be the thought, “I am the thinker of these thoughts.” The interesting thing is that if you take the time to investigate for yourself (don’t just agree or disagree with me here, but LOOK for yourself) WHO thinks, you will discover that there isn’t a thinker. At all. There is no separate independent entity called “thinker.” There is no thing here. Nothing is here and no one is thinking. Thoughts simply arise. Again, there is no thought-creating entity here called “the thinker.” What is “the thinker” besides just a thought? Outside of thought, is there such a thing? Take a look and see for yourself.

Where Are Thoughts?

So this infinite pool of thoughts, where is it? Does it exist somewhere in this universe of time and space? Can we hop on a spaceship or some sort of interdimensional portal and travel to this pool of thought, wherever it is? Well, all thoughts are already right here, right now! You can think up anything! If the thoughts weren’t already right here, you literally wouldn’t be able to access them. It’s that simple. So thoughts don’t really exist anywhere. They’re just here, in this eternal placeless place. This pool of thought doesn’t exist in time and space. It exists nowhere. An equally valid perspective, to acknowledge the paradoxical nature of this, is that all thoughts exist everywhere. They are available to all beings at all time in all of space.

Accessing Infinite Thought

Every idea that the world’s greatest composers, thinkers, writers, and sages ever thought are available to you now. You have the ability to access all ideas and knowledge of the universe. It’s simply a matter of gently letting go of the self-imposed blocks and limitations that we, ourselves, place upon ourselves when we project ourselves into this physical reality.

I’m still very much experimenting with this idea and learning to get a handle on it. In my experience thus far, when I let go of the idea that I intellectually know or don’t know something (duality), then I just know what I need to know when I need to know it. If I don’t know it, then I don’t need to know it. Rather than memory and the intellect, there’s a deeper knowingness that we begin to access.

It’s not like we need to think every thought in existence simultaneously, but we do have access to whatever thoughts and ideas that we need, when we need them. Not a moment before, but also not a moment after. As tese physicalized mind/body things, we’re kinda like thought buckets, able to hold a finite number of thoughts at any one time, but capable of filling ourselves from our connection to the infinite thought stream, the source and home of all thoughts.

No Ownership of Thought

So these thoughts are definitely not you. Your thoughts are not you. Here you are, unmoving, unchanging, and everpresent. Hello awareness! … and here’s the stream of thought. It keeps coming and going, and you keep watching it.

Not only are thoughts not you, they are also not yours, any more than a song coming through a radio literally belongs to the radio or any more than the air that’s currently in your lungs is literally yours. The air that’s currently in your lungs you may certainly be using, sure, but that doesn’t make it somehow yours.

What is “my thought” other than just another thought that passes through awareness?

It’s funny to see people get so protective over “my” thoughts, “my” ideas, “my” creative insights, and so on, and then proceed to patent and copyright these ideas as if they themselves literally own them. This is the old way of thinking. This is out of alignment with how thoughts actually work. We’re growing out of that way of thinking now. It’s based out of fear, as if the separate self that I am will be diminished and have less if I fully share with the separate self that you are. It’s a valid perspective based upon the illusory sense of separation, yes, but separation itself is totally an illusion in the first place.

Choosing Thoughts

Let’s say someone were to ask you how you raise your arm up in the air. What would you tell them? “I dunno… I just do it.” I learned to wiggle my ears first time yesterday. I’ve always wanted to know how to do it, but how could anyone teach me?

We could talk about the thought arising, which does something in the brain, which fires electrochemical impulses through the body, which contracts certain muscles, which makes the arm raise or the ears wiggle. Sure, we could go there, but how is a thought chosen? This free will thing, how does that work? What chooses?

I have no idea.

Do you?