What Is An SMS API?

SMS marketing would be one of the most tedious processes in the world if it wasn’t for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Thankfully, the majority of businesses are utilizing APIs to assist with the sending of text messages to customers, even if some might not be aware exactly how it works.

What is An SMS API

An API is an interface which allows two pieces of computer software to communicate with each other – this can be for almost any and any communication including sending and receiving texts online. This communication goes unnoticed by the computer user and allows complex processes to be completed using just one action. It is often purchased from third parties so that website developers don’t have to make the software themselves. This is called Software as a Service (SaaS).

The beauty of the SaaS model is that customers know they’re buying a proven product. They could even see the product in action before buying it, meaning there are relatively few risks when investing in a third-party API.

Many e-commerce websites use APIs during shopping transactions. For example, an API could be used to connect a shopping website with bank verification software, email automation services or a telesales list. An API stops businesses having to activate third-party software themselves.

Why use an SMS API?

Most businesses could arguably benefit from an SMS being automatically sent to a customer when they perform a certain action. Some websites use an SMS API to send receipts to a customer’s phone. Some ticketing websites send the e-tickets to a customer’s phone via SMS to save paper. The API which connects the website to the SMS sending software is often created by a third party.

An API could be utilized for marketing reasons as well. Let’s use an online golf equipment store as an example. Perhaps the store could benefit from sending automated marketing text whenever a customer searches for more, say, clubs? Knowing that the customer is interested in buying new clubs, an API could register the customer to receive text messages regarding new offers on clubs.

Perhaps a text message could be sent every time a shopper abandons their cart, creating a simple reminder that they may need to complete their purchase – a process which can produce impressive returns.

These measures should only be practiced if a shopper has opted in to receiving SMS marketing updates of course. Spamming innocent online shoppers is never a practical tactic.

Benefits of an API

The main benefit of APIs is that they allow your website to do more. They’re proven models as well. Normally, someone else has done the hard work of programming and testing it.

An SMS API is a great way of easily taking your online marketing into the real world. After all, SMS is an incredibly personal marketing platform. Consumers have their mobile phones on their person all the time. They can read and re-read your message wherever they are, whatever they are doing. The open rate of SMSs is incredible compared to similar marketing platforms, such as email or direct mail.

With this in mind, anything which makes SMS marketing easier for your business can only be a good thing.