What Is Abundance?

So what is abundance, this thing we all want?

Is it having a lot of money? Lots of friends? A job or spouse that provides for you? Enough food on the table? Good health? A roof over your head?

Where is the dividing line between lack, having enough, and abundance?

What is abundance anyways?

Here’s the best definition of abundance I’ve ever heard:

Abundance: The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.


If you only see abundance only as money, very often you don’t see abundance in its other forms. You’re blind, so to speak, abundance blind, because “green” is the only color you allow abundance to come in. But abundance comes in a total spectrum. The idea is to understand you must relax your insistence that “It must come in this certain way or I won’t accept it. I won’t recognize it if I don’t see this and this on such and such a date, to the penny. Otherwise, I’m not abundant. What’s wrong with me? I can’t attract this amount of money by this date because I need it for this and I need it for that. What’s wrong with me?” Again, these are just definitions.

If you allow yourself to understand that abundance is simply whatever way, shape or form your automatic synchronicity can attract into your life what you need to allow you to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, then you will begin to realize that you are very abundant, and have been for quite some time. When money is the strongest way a particular kind of abundance can be fulfilled, the money will be there. You’ll attract the opportunity to give you the money. But when money is not the simplest way, when it is not the path of least resistance, which may be the last way it will manifest. You may be receiving many other ways that abundance is manifesting in your life or, I’ll say, attempting to manifest in your life. But you may not be allowing it to, again, because of your definitions.


When we limit the universe by saying that abundance MUST come in the form of money, we are limiting the universe’s ability to provide us with abundance in the way that IT sees as most effortless and natural. Even if we are totally abundant, we will still believe and thus feel that we aren’t abundant, therefore suffering needlessly. There is a way out.


Here is a perfect example of trusting the universe. This story is brought to you by my friend Scott.

Long story short – my mechanic messed up and it left me without my car for the weekend. If you knew me and how my life goes, that’s a huge set back!!

After the initial “WTF??!”, I composed myself, smiled, and said “Okay God, I trust you.”

Transportation has been as easy as breathing. One example is that tonight I was dropped off at a bar and randomly a girl I know showed up and although she left to go to a nearby place, she came back to get her car right as I was walking out, and bam- ride home.

I have a three day free lance job starting Monday working on a commercial. I called them to tell of my lack of transportation Monday morning, and not only is there a girl on the shoot who lives in my neighborhood who can pick me up, but they need me to drive a van anyway.

Almost two years ago, I had my ACL replaced. It left me pretty helpless for awhile. I couldn’t work for a month. It never ceased to amaze me how money appeared from random unexpected places.

The trick is to TRULY let go and trust God.

When we let go and trust, the universe really WILL help us out in the most amazing ways. Abundance can come in many forms and it WILL the moment we trust the universe to synchronistically work with us.