Server Virtualization: what is the Server Virtualization and how it works?

Development is also required computer to work, but it is possible to take advantage of virtualization well, you can greatly reduce the procurement cost of the hardware. Also, here Although it is regrettable that not much mention from the priority of the problem of description, you can also use that to work on the server machine as a virtual machine on the desktop PC OS and applications. This is a mechanism, such as the user to remotely control over the network from any terminal can be built. In this case, the terminal users use directly to okay those powerless, does not need to correspond to the latest OS. Preparation and disposal of the PC environment in accordance with the employees joining and leaving, or you can be done quickly and efficiently.

Server Virtualization: How is the server virtualization and how it works?


The virtualization of the PC server, rather than run on the Windows Server or Linux server OS of direct server machine, to operate the first virtualization software on the server machine, to move the server OS on it.

You can run multiple server OS on one of the virtualization software. This is the first feature of the server virtualization, it is merit. Physical servers machine even if there is only one, it is as if to a plurality of computing environments, such as if the server machine is capable of producing virtually. We call each one of this virtually created the computing environment as a “virtual server” or “virtual machine”.

A virtual server, in other words, “and the OS, that one or more of the applications running on the” is. Need to you want to do ultimately moves the multiple applications simultaneously, recent OS so also for even server desktop multitasking, single or not the be able to run multiple applications on the OS, and a plurality of Do not need not to move the virtual server bother, it will occur question. It is not a mistake, but do not know emergency and if the desktop PC, for the case of a server that is running a stable and software, have been made ​​often to move the only application one on a single server.

Different software components of the version required for each application, then it has operational problems, such as there is an incompatible OS patch, from the cut of convenience when the software failure occurs, separate for each application We want to give the environment. Image One utilization efficiency of tend to reason low of server can be found here. Each time you will have to build some business system (application) of a company, first procure a new server.

Thus only the number of business systems is born situation that there is a server. According to one study, of each server is not used only average dozen Speaking at the utilization of the CPU. Using the technology of server virtualization, this until the OS and applications that were running on separate physical servers, you can be a virtual server.

And if moving the multiple virtual servers on each physical server, and you will move the business system of the same number with a small number of physical servers. Is progressing around the large companies’ server consolidation “sometimes called” server consolidation” is reduce the server’s number by utilizing the server virtualization technology has become one of the main tasks you.