Dealing with Negative Emotions in a Healthy Way

So part of this spiritual path involves moving from fear towards love, becoming more and more loving.

The past few days I’ve allowed myself to be in my ego. To be angry. To feel my deep sadness. To experience this energy that for so long I’ve been trying to run away from, transcend, transform, heal, or in any way shape or form change. This egoistic presence something I haven’t experienced in quite a long time, much less embraced.

I’ve decided to stop running from anything that is within me. Whether this fear is me or not me is not of primary importance right now. It is here, and I’m not going to run from it.

Diving into my own anger, I’m noticing one fear arising in particular: If I allow myself to experience my darkness, I’ll somehow slide back into my ego and become totally unconscious again, like some sort of crazed psycho killer or something. (Gotta love how the mind works…) A high degree of unconsciousness basically the complete failure for what one would call a spiritual person.


Looking at this more closely, we see that this fear is actually afraid of itself. It’s fear afraid of fear. The ego afraid of itself. It is a self-sustaining and self-reinforcing mechanism.

If you’re afraid of experiencing you’re own fear, noticing your existing fear will bring up more fear, which will create more, which will create more, and so on.

Acceptance of All of Yourself

Recognizing that I am All That Is, I want to be comfortable embracing the totality of my being. I want to be comfortable with both comfort and discomfort, at peace with both peace and stress. No matter what aspect of myself that is arising, I want to be okay with it.

I’m talking complete, full, and deep acceptance of all that I Am, the good and the bad.

Amazingly, (this amazes me every time it happens) the more I’m willing to sit with my own darkness, whether it takes the form of fear, anger, sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety, or whatever else, the more I can sit with it and notice it as presence, the more it seemingly just evaporates and dissolves right before my eyes.

Nothing needs to be done to fix, change, or rise above darkness. It just kinda takes care of itself.

Again, the following quote is proving itself to be the case:

Your task in life is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and remove all the barriers that you have built against love.


Awareness itself is transformative. The presence of conscious awareness is itself healing.

Unconsciousness is nothing more than not being aware. When you’re aware of whatever processes or fears you were previously unconscious to, those patterns no longer run on unconscious autopilot. Awareness disengages those processes.

The great thing about anger is that you don’t have to go digging deep to find the root of your crud. It’s like it comes to the surface for you and becomes incredibly obvious. What a gift, this anger!

It’s almost like resistance itself is what sustains our inner darkness and demons. As counter-intuitive as it may seem at first, if we allow our darkness to be an integral part of us and give it just as much importance and permission to be here as our light, the darkness just blows away like dust in the wind and transforms into light. The two become one.

This integration process allows for equal value to ALL aspects of the infinite, yet still provides a space for you to choose what aspect of yourself you wish to experience out of your own free will.

In a similar way, all men are created equal, yet you can still choose with whom you wish to interact.

In the Sedona Method, one of the end goals, if you wanna think of it that way, is imperturbability, which is basically not being uprooted by anything that happens in the world. It’s deeply being centered in who you are so that you’re okay no matter what happens. This is what I’m talking about.

It’s about being okay with everything in this world, everyone in this world, and everything inside of you.

Deep acceptance of All That Is.