Can My Wife Love Me Again ?? Tips and Tests

One of the most asked questions for any man spurn in a marriage who’s still very much in love is “can my wife love me again?” And it’s almost gut wrenching to think that someone is going through this emotional fall out and if this is you then we certainly feel your pain.

So can your wife love you again? Yes but be warned that while there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive to her again, the ability to turn back her emotions to a time when she was crazy about you is not going to be easy.

Can My Wife Love Me Again

love me again

The truth is, it’s almost impossible but if you need to know for sure then the tips in this article can certainly put you on the right track.

#1. You need to put yourself in the right mindset. If you’re feeling down and low, you won’t be very attractive to anyone, including your wife. So you need to turn your feelings around to be positive. Think of the good times you and your wife have had and how much she loved you when your relationship was just beginning. Think of how you courted her and think of how you can start doing it again. It should even be easier this time around since you know her better.

#2. After you’ve put yourself into a more positive state, you’ll need to objectively analyze the why’s and how’s of why she drifted off or even left you in the first place. Did you take her for granted and never offer thanks and appreciation for everything she did? Did you just fall into a comfortable mode and not feel the need to tell her and show her that you loved her? All women need to feel loved and taken care of. So start with the simplest way to win back her heart by saying “I love you.”

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#3. Do you remember the last time you spoke those exact words to her, and not just out of habit at the end of a phone call but while looking straight into her eyes? A lot of time may have already passed since the last genuine “I love you” came out of your mouth – it’s something your wife needs to hear.

#4. Another reason your wife may have distanced herself from you is if you treated her badly and didn’t respect her. A lot of actions fall under that category and being unfaithful is at the top of the list. If this is you, then you need to change your ways. Women are extremely sensitive and comments or questions that might just be water off your back could really hurt her. If you constantly yelled at your wife, this is something that needs to stop. Are you willing to change? If you are asking yourself “Can my wife love me again?”, you also need to ask yourself. . .”Am I prepared to change to win back her love?” Be truthful to yourself in your answer.

The thought of losing your loved one is frightening, especially if you’ve shared many years together. Hopefully these insights will help you reach your goal of winning back your wife’s love and putting your family back together. And no matter what your situation, it’s never too late to start over with a brand new slate.