Best Dumbells Set – Guide & Reviews 2017 {Updated}

My Sister – who is the one who Inspired me into a life of fitness believe it or not – was the first person to introduce me to adjustable dumbells.  She swears by them, and absolutely loves her set.  The reason she likes them so much?  It is simple they make doing weight training exercises at home (with a toddler running around) doable and they store away really easily.  She got her set for Christmas last year and I am pretty sure it was one of her favorite presents.

So basically, if you want home gym equipment that doesn’t take up an entire room than yes, adjustable dumbell sets are worth the money as long as you get good ones.

How To Get The Best Adjustable Dumbells Set

The first thing that you will want to do when you are looking at purchasing a set of adjustable weight dumbells is to head on over to a store like and check out the customer reviews on the product.  That way you can know what other customers thought about them, and get a product that is good quality.  Here are some specific things to consider.

Are the weights easy to change? This is probably the most important feature of any adjustable dumbell set.  The weights have to be easy to change out, or else the set is useless.

Adjustable Dumbells

What shape is the set? Adjustable dumbells come in two basic shapes.  Round and square.  This is a personal preference issue, but should be something that you consider when you are looking to buy your dumbells.

How much weight do you need? Men often prefer a heavier adjustable dumbell system to build mass, while women often prefer a lighter weight system to build long lean muscles.  It all depends on what your objectives are.

Go for quality. I can’t overemphasize this enough.  A quality weight system is probably the most important thing you can look for.  Usually you can tell by the customer reviews how good the system is.

Other things you should Consider when developing your  fitness routine.

There are two basic ways to get fit fast – strength training and simply moving more.  As you know I am a big fan of using adjustable dumbells for strength training especially when you are doing full body moves like the squat press.  But any movement is positive movement and that is where tracking your steps comes in.  One of the best ways to track how long you are walking for is to use a pedometer watch. Using a pedometer to track your steps throughout the day is a great way to get instant feedback on how much you are moving which really motivates you to move more. Combining weight training with walking or running in a great way to get fit FAST.

Of course you should always consult with your physician BEFORE starting an exercise routine.  But for almost all people exercise is hugely beneficial.  In fact here is a great source of information about diabetic exercise that should encourage you to get moving if you are dealing with diabetes. No matter what kind of shape you are in now, exercise can be very beneficial.

Proper Form For Adjustable dumbells Squat Press

Fitness is possible even if you have limited time and space.   There is nothing like working out at home to give you great results in as little time as possible.  One of the best ways to get quick results is to do weight training, and one of the best overall weight training exercises is to use adjustable dumbell set for a squat press.  It will strengthen your entire body.

Here is the video for dumbells squat press technique.

When you are watching this video be sure to pay attention to the technique that the instructor is using.   The instructor is at a gym using traditional dumbells, and they work great, but for home use, I really like adjustable dumbells. Mostly because they are a lot easier to store.   Here is the difference.

Adjustable dumbells (1 set – small space)

Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbells, 1

Regular dumbell Set (1 set – a lot more room)
36″ Dumbell Rack w/ Hex Dumbell, 1

Either one works for any dumbell exercise. It is mostly a matter of preference or space and it just depends on what you are looking for in your equipment.

Tips for doing a Squat Press correctly.

  • Don’t go too heavy.
  • Always use correct form and a lighter weight.
  • Hold dumbells at shoulders.
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Stomach tight, chest up
  • Basic move is a squat combined with a shoulder press.
  • Keep weight back on heels.

Because the squat press works all your major muscle groups it is a fantastic exercise for strengthening your entire body. Remember not to do the same exercise two days in a row.  It is a good idea to also cross train in order to get the most benefit from your exercise routine.  If you are looking for other adjustable dumbell exercises be sure to check out the other videos on this site (like bicep curls).  You will find some good ones.

Techniques For (Adjustable) dumbell Shoulder Press

If you have read any of my stuff, you know that I love working out at home.  I value a muscular body, but don’t have a lot of time for the gym.  So I usually break out my adjustable dumbells set and do some simple (but effective) exercises that keep my body looking great, but don’t take a ton of time or an elaborate home gym.

One of the exercises that I do in a dumbell shoulder press.  This is an easy exercise to do and will work your shoulders and arms.  Be sure to work both sides evenly.
Here is a video to show you the proper technique. Check Here:

As you can see the instructor in this video is using a traditional dumbell set.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have room for those at my house so I use adjustable dumbells instead.

Here are two of my favorite sets.

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable 5 to 45-Pounds per dumbell Set, 1
Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbells, 1

I like these because they are both customer top rated at Amazon, and you can change the weights easily. My personal preference is the PowerBlock adjustable dumbells set because it doesn’t roll around, but some people have trouble getting used to the handle. So it really comes down to personal preference.

Some things to keep in mind when doing a dumbell shoulder press.

  • Keep your hands straight above your shoulders – never at an angle.
  • Use a smooth controlled motion.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Keep your stomach tight and chest up.
  • You can do 1 arm at a time or both at the same time.

The muscles you will work by doing this exercise are the deltoids and triceps.  Triceps are often overlooked, but very important if you want a strong look.

Remember to vary your workout and never work the same muscle groups two days in a row.  What I do is arms and chest one day with legs and stomach the next.

Doing a dumbell shoulder press is a great exercise to add to your workouts.  You can do this exercise with either adjustable dumbells or with free weights.  Remember to pay attention to technique and you will get great results!

The Proper Form For An Adjustable dumbells Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is a great exercise for building big biceps. To get the most of of a bicep curl using adjustable dumbells, it is important that you have the proper form. Otherwise all you will get is a damaged shoulder. When you are doing bicep curls you will want to use moderate weights to get the best results. I could write forever on this subject, but it is easier to just show you a video on how to do it.

Proper form for a bicep curl.

In this video the instructor is using traditional dumbells and they work very well.  But I like to work out at home, and don’t have the space for a huge stack of traditional dumbells set.  That is why I use adjustable dumbells instead.

Adjustable dumbells can be used for any exercise that traditional dumbells can be used for but take up far less room.
Video Link: Here

Here is a traditional set.
Cap Barbell 150 Pound Hex dumbell Set with Rack, 1

And here is an adjustable set.
PowerBlock Classic Adjustable 5 to 45-Pounds per dumbell Set, 1

For me personally, I like the adjustable dumbells set because they are easy to change the weights on, they are comfortable, and they are durable. More then anything else though, they are easy to store.

One of the only downsides to using a set of dumbells that is adjustable is that the grip can take some getting used to, especially if you are used to using traditional weights. Most people though, find that after a couple of reps it becomes more natural.

Some things to keep in mind when doing a bicep curl with an adjustable dumbell set.

  • Moderate weight is enough – you don’t need to go too heavy to get great results.
  • Keep your shoulders still when doing the exercise to avoid injury.
  • Use a slow deliberate motion to get the most out of your workout.
  • Don’t do bicep curls two days in a row – vary your workout.

So there you have it… the proper form and technique for a bicep curl that will get you great results.

If you want a complete guide to working out here is one on how to build muscle quickly.

Happy weight lifting!

Using Powerblock Adjustable dumbells For Renegade Rows

Renegade rows are an amazing strength training exercise for the upper body. It can build some serious strength very quickly. But, because you hold yourself up on three points, this particular exercise requires learning a simple technique that makes it much easier to do.  Here is an excellent 1 minute video of renegade rows with kettlebells that shows you the technique.  (Don’t worry we are getting to using the PowerBlock adjustable dumbell set.) I really like this video because it explains how to do renegade rows really well.

Video Link: Here

The Technique for Renegade Rows

Now kettlebells do work great for renegade rows, but if you have a home gym they may PowerBlock adjustable dumbells come in.  Now that you know the technique, here is a video showing you how easy the PowerBlocks are to use for this exercise.

Powerblock Adjustable dumbells and Renegade Rows

Video Tips: Here

One of the reasons that I like PowerBlock adjustable dumbells is because of their square shape. It is very stable and will never roll away from you.

Here they are in 24 pound version.

PowerBlock SportBlock 24 Adjustable, 1

Here is the 50 pound per dumbell version.

PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable 2.5 to 50-Pounds, 1

All PowerBlock sets are easy to adjust (they adjust with a pin like a nautilus machine), and have a super small footprint. They are also nearly always top rated by customers. The 50 pound version for instance has 11 customer reviews on Amazon 6 are 5 star reviews and 5 are 4 star reviews.

PowerBlock adjustable dumbells can be used for every exercise that traditional dumbells are used for they just take up far less room. Which makes them perfect for a home gym. The only downside is that the square shape takes some getting used to for some people, but usually after the first couple of sets you do you will be hooked.

Choosing The Right dumbells Set For You

Adjustable dumbell set and a weight bench can replace an entire living room full of gym equipment, and make working out at home both effective and easy.  Anyone who has done lunges or squats will tell you that dumbells can really make your exercise routine effective.  If you lack a lot of space and want a solid workout than this is one tool you won’t want to live without.

The first thing you will want to consider when choosing the right adjustable dumbell set is how much weight you want and or need.

These sets come in many different weight groups.  Most of them go up to at least 24 lbs.  Here is a customer top rated example (from Amazon) of a 3 to 24 pound set by Powerblock.

PowerBlock SportBlock 24, 1

These smaller sets are perfect for men and women who are average exercisers and are looking to gain muscle and definition, but not a lot of mass.  Between using one of these sets and a sensible diet menu, getting in shape will be no problem.

If you are a body builder you will want to go with a larger set, so that you have more weight to work with.

Of the heavier adjustable dumbells people really like the ones by Bowflex (52.5 pounds) and the sets by Ironmaster (75 lbs) which comes with its own stand.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbells, 1
Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable dumbell System, 1

Both of these adjustable dumbell sets are also rated on Amazon at 4 and 1/2 stars by users.  Since they are one of the more expensive pieces of home gym equipment you will buy, it is important to get ones that work the way they are advertised.

What other things should you consider?

Look at the grip of the adjustable dumbell set that you are considering. Some people prefer a straight grip while others like a more ergonomic curved grip.  There is no right or wrong here,  just personal preference.

Check out the mechanics of the adjusting mechanism. As long as you go with a top rated set like those above, you should be fine.   But each brand has a slightly different mechanism for weight changes, so you need to take that into consideration.

What shape do you want your adjustable dumbells to be?

Powerblock dumbells are a big rectangle and you grip them on the inside of the weight (check out the above pictures).   Bowflex dumbells are shaped like traditional dumbells.  Both of these shapes perform equally well, but what you get depends on what you like.

Adjustable dumbells are a great addition to any home gym, because they add a lot of versatility to your workout routine.    When you combine them with a weight bench, you will find that you can do just about any exercise that you can in a big gym.